Black Twist

Black Twist Coffee Spirit – Single Origin Coffee + Irish Whiskey, Cold Brewed

Created by cold brewing the finest speciality grade Black Twist at the Burren Slow Food Festivalcoffee in Irish whiskey, Black Twist is Irelands first cold brewed coffee spirit and it is made with 100% natural ingredients.
With less added sugar and more authentic coffee character than a liqueur, this drink is for those who enjoy their coffee black and their whiskey neat. They call it “Hard Coffee”.

Black Twist can also be used in a range of exciting coffee cocktails, including the ever popular Espresso Martini and the signature Black Iced Latte. Come try these for yourself at the Burren Slow Food Festival.

Uninspired by overly sweetened coffee liqueurs with generic flavours and artificial ingredients, Bayview Beverages set out to bring a more authentic coffee experience to the drinks cabinet. The result is Black Twist Hard Coffee, the first spirit to bring speciality grade coffee and Irish whiskey together using a cold brew process inspired by the artisan coffee scene. This can be enjoyed neat or in a range of exciting coffee cocktails that are easily prepared at home.

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Black Twist have kindly agreed to sponsor a 70cl bottle of their amazing Coffee liqueur a raffle prize.

Instead of admission we raise money to run the festival by selling raffle tickets – instant draws and wins!

Visit their website to find out more.