Bláth na Mara – Aran Islands Seaweed

Seaweed’s tasty goodness

In 2015 Máirtín’s daughter Jenny with her Kiwi husband Blath na Mara at the Burren Slow Food FestivalDavid and two daughters, returned from New Zealand to the Aran to join her father. The blend of experience and knowledge from Jenny and David’s arrival has allowed Bláth na Mara to develop and diversify their product offering. They have recently introduced a new retail line, foraging tours and continue to engage and collaborate on different projects within their industry.

“Bláth na Mara bring seaweed from tide to table, restoring an age old tradition to nourish the new food generation. We hand-harvest edible seaweeds such as Dulse/Dillisk, Atlantic Wakame, Blath na Mara at Burren Slow Food FestivalKombu, Carrageen Moss, Sea Spaghetti, Pepper Dulse & Sea Lettuce from the beautiful clean shores of the Aran Islands, Galway Bay, Ireland.”

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