Make our festival plastic-free!

Make our festival plastic-free!

Burren Food Trail Bag at Burren Slow Food Festival
This bag is included in the admission!

We shamelessly stole this slogan from the Kilkee-based initiative of the almost same name, “Make Kilkee plastic-free”. This initiative is only a few months old, and with the start of the new season, many businesses have joined the scheme and pledged to implement ideas to drastically reduce the amount of disposable plastic products like cups, cutlery, bags and straws.

We want to follow their example and green our festival as much as possible.

Our Vision:

To considerably reduce the quantity of single use plastic products being used by visitors and traders during the Burren Slow Food Festival.

Our Mission:

We want to raise awareness of the dangers and madness of using disposable plastic containers and cutlery by making our festival as green and sustainable as possible through specific measures such as:

  • Incentivising festival visitors to bring their own tea and coffee cups by reducing the price of hot take-away drinks

  • Asking the traders and stall holders to use compostable and reusable non-plastic products including bags

  • Implementation of a refundable deposit scheme for delph and cutlery to cut down on plastics

  • Giving information on appropriate producers of replacement products (see below)

  • Working with local authorities to ensure waste segregation of festival litter bins


Burren Cup v single use cup at Burren Slow Food Festival
Photos by Karin Funke and Hannah Grace on Unsplash

 What can everybody do to make this festival a greener one?

If you are a festival visitor, you can…

  • … car pool, take public transport, stay overnight or share transport with friends and family

  • … ask the traders and stall holders if their cups, straws, containers, bags etc. are compostable

  • … bring your own cups, or buy the new Geopark Bamboo Burren Cup at the festival!

  • … place any rubbish in the right bins

If you are a trader / stallholder, you can…

  • … introduce a refundable deposit for delph

  • … reduce the price of hot (or cold) take-away drinks when customers present themselves with their own cups

  • … use only cups, straws, containers, bags, napkins, cutlery etc. that are compostable/biodegradable. Very important would be to let the customers know that you use biodegradable/green materials through signage. Consumers are much more environmentally aware these days, and it could make all the difference for your business!
    See below for sources of compostable, green products.

  • … sell glass bottles instead of plastic bottles

    Sustainable materials at Burren Slow Food Festival
    Images by Rob Bye and Drew Taylor on Unsplash
  • … recycle and bin your rubbish in the right bin containers


Sources of sustainable container-ware

Down 2 Earth Materials


JFK Disposables

Brennan Catering Supplies for bags and pouches of all kinds for all kinds of eco-friendly products

Nisbets for wooden cutlery and more (careful, they list wooden & plastic cutlery on the same page)

9 tips for living with less plastic Burren Slow Food Festival