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Burren Slow Food Festival Artisan Food Producers' MarketThe Burren Slow Food Festival will include an Artisan Food Producers’ Market on Saturday and Sunday 13 & 14 May 2017 from 11am to 5pm.

There will be a wide variety of products available, from cheeses to honey to handcrafted non-food products.

The Slow Food Festival gives you a platform to promote the best of the Burren’s produce and beyond, which is now recognised as some of the finest in Ireland and internationally.

If you want to avail of the opportunity to have a stall at the Farmers Market to promote your products and your brand, to network, and/or to just simply sell your wares, we want to invite you to make the most of this fantastic weekend by booking a stand. You and your products will be exposed to bloggers, photographers, journalists and people from the catering sector.

As a bonus, we will have prominent buyers coming from abroad. Bruce Langlands, head of Food, Hospitality & Education at Selfridges, will be on the lookout for new and unique food products which he can bring back to Selfridges. This is a great opportunity for you to impress one of the world’s best known retailers.


As to the booking process:

On this website, there is an easy-to-use booking and payment facility with the help of which you can book your stand online on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you are interested in taking out a stall at the festival, please let us know by email ( first of all. We will then send you the link to the booking page.

The process will enable you to register for the Farmers Market at the Burren Slow Food Festival, to select the spot you want to have, and to pay right away to secure your spot. You will also have the chance to give us a description of your business and products, and to upload some pictures for the website.

We will promote all stallholders on this website, and on our Facebook page. We are also on Twitter if you want to follow us! Please feel free to share our posts on Facebook and retweet or tweet new tweets by using the hashtag #burrenfoodfest, and by including @slowfoodclare @burreneco if possible.

Please note that we have to receive your online booking and payment at least two weeks before the start of the festival, or we won’t be able to promote your business online and otherwise, or reserve a spot for you.

If you are an outside trader, and you need power, you can either bring your own generator or plug into the one provided by us for €15 a day.


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Burren Slow Food Festival Farmers Market rates

For outside traders:
If you need power, you can either bring your own generator or plug into the one provided by us for €15 a day.


 Layout of the Farmers’ Market:

Indoor stalls plan for the Farmers Market (click on plan for bigger display)


Outside stalls plan for the Farmers Market  (click on plan for bigger display)









Entire area   (click on plan for bigger display)












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Your opportunities as a Stallholder at Burren Slow Food Festival:

  • Venue to sell your Slow Food related products
  • Opportunity for you to connect with and gain promotion from others in food related industry such as bloggers, photographers, chefs and restaurateurs.
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