Kerry Escargot

Kerry Escargot at Burren Slow Food FestivalEscargot in garlic butter (free-range snails) is the offer that Kerry Escargot bring to the Burren Slow Food Festival.

They offer fresh, edible snails (escargots) of exceptional quality & taste available throughout the year.

“We started snail farming in Firies, Killarney, Co.Kerry, in 2016 with one intention, to farm and supply the tastiest, freshest snails to eat in Ireland. We provide Irish grown snail meat for both restaurants and people who have a love for Escargots.

We specialise in selling live edible free-range snails that live outdoors and feed on a varied diet of fresh vegetables and balanced specialised feed. Our Snails are fully traceable and regularly tested for E. coli and salmonella.”

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Kerry Escargot have kindly agreed to sponsor a bag of a snails as a raffle prize. The admission includes a raffle ticket so visitors automatically take part in the raffle at the door, instant draws and wins!

Kerry Escargot at Burren Slow Food Festival