L’Orto di Beatrice

L’Orto di BeatriceL'Orto di Beatrice at the Burren Slow Food Festival

Beatrice is coming all the way from northern Italy to indulge you with her lovely produce which she grows herself on her farm in the Biella reagion.

She also has a retail outlet in the nearest town. She says, “In my farm shop I sell fruit jams, compotes and preserves made with fruits and vegetable. I make also cookies and biscuits andL'Orto di Beatrice at the Burren Slow Food Festival patisserie in general using the product I grow on my farm.

L’Orto di Beatrice (Beatrice’s Vegetable Garden) was created in 2010; since then, vegetables are grown following the principles of organic farming methods allowing for the richness of the land to be maintained along with cultivating genuine products and keeping the nutritional properties intact.”

Beatrice’s Vegetable Garden offers fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables which are processed into fabulous preserves and mustards.
In 2017 Beatrice decided to expand the l'orto di beatrice at Burren Slow Food Festivalactivity and opened a little bakery within the farm shop.

You can find more information on her website