Magic Mayan Chocolate

Artisan, hand made Magic Mayan at Burren Slow Food Festivaland organic dark chocolate that is free from Dairy, Gluten and Soya

Magic Mayan has the humble Cocoa Bean at the heart of the business.

“We produce, Raw, Organic, Dairy Free, Magic Mayan at Burren Slow Food FestivalGluten Free, Soya Free, Vegan, Dark Chocolate and all done by hand, giving this delicacy the  love and attention it deserves. Because our Chocolate is RAW it maintains all the natural goodness of the Cocoa Bean and expresses the truer flavour of the single origin  Peruvian cocoa bean.”

Magic Mayan Chocolate is a plant based artisan chocolate company producing organic dark chocolate from fair trade Peruvian cocoa beans. They produce chocolate tablets, Bonbons, pralines, chocolate coffee beans and hot chocolate design to be made with Plant based milks! Magic Mayan at Burren Slow Food FestivalAll products are Vegan, Dairy Gluten and Soya Free.

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