Simply Sausage

Simply SausageSimply Sausage at Burren Slow Food Festival

The team of Simply Sausage have amazing things to eat on the spot on offer. For example smoked pork sausages, 7″ long and about 1.5″ wide, in ciabatta bread with lettuce, onion, tomato and sauces.

They also do ribs, 1 foot long with grilled vegetables (tomato and zucchini). As to Classic Burgers, they order them from their local butchers, and they are a proud 6oz!

Other satisfying foods include Hot dogs with sauce, Volcano potatoes, which is a baked potato with two types of cheese inside and bacon wrapped around it. They also have cold beverages on offer.

“We have a family business which we set up about a year ago so we are a fresh company. We are a travelling catering services and love to particpate in festivals and different shows, a whole variety of public events including birthday parties and the like.

Our grilling mobile unit is completely hand made. We made a little garage for it at home and inside we built the unit from scratch so it really is an attention catcher that gets people to gather around. We serve with friendly faces and reasonable prices. Our customers really enjoy our food, including children and elderly people.”

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They have kindly agreed to sponsor one of their creations as a raffle prize. The admission includes a raffle ticket game which you can check online here visitors automatically take part in the raffle at the door, instant draws and wins!

Simply Sausage at Burren Slow Food Festival

Simply Sausage at Burren Slow Food Festival

Simply Sausage at Burren Slow Food Festival