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Tribes Press is a publishing house in Galway City. They publish children and adult fiction and for them, the author is at the centre of their world. Each person has the right to a legacy, to leave their mark on the world. They firmly believe in empowering writers by tipping the scale in their direction so that each person can fulfill their writing dream.

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The Kapheus SeriesTribes Press at the Burren Slow Food Festival by Marguerite Tonery (Kapheus Earth, Kapheus Air, Kapheus Water, Kapheus Fire). An epic fantasy adventure series, filled with Irish mythology and fantastical creatures, set in the landscape along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Onnie Piggles by John Butler. The story about a little pig, a bicycle mechanic who gets bored of his life, packs his bags and travels to Fairytale land to find his happy ever after.
Little Knitten by James I. Keogh. A gentle tale of lonely Missy Knitten whose life will forever change when she purchases a pair of magic knitting needles.

Tribes Press at the Burren Slow Food Festival