Wild Irish Seaweeds

Edible seaweedWild Irish Seaweed at the Burren Slow Food Festival – health for your body

The family business began in 2009 with just two products Dillisk and Carrageen. Today there are over fifteen in the range:

From the well-established and ever popular Dillisk, to the delicious Atlantic Wild Irish Seaweed at the Burren Slow Food FestivalWakame; but also the sumptuous Sugar Kelp and the energetic Kombu. Sushi lovers will appreciate the quality Nori and the pasta lover can indulge in some Sea Spaghetti. A fusion of all the different sea taste can be experienced with Sea Salad and to top it all, the much sought Carrageen can be found in many desserts and is widely recognised Wild Irish Seaweed at the Burren Slow Food Festivalfor its treatment of colds.

Established by Gerard and Eileen Talty, the family has vast experience in the seaweed industry going back many years. Gerard’s Grandfather Michael Joe Talty harvested seaweed in the late 1920s for iodine extract by burning kelp in a bed of stones.

All seaweeds used by the company today are 100%, hand harvested, air and sun dried to ensure the finest quality sea vegetables make it to the marketplace.

The latest addition to the range is an array of cosmetics based on the benefits of seaweed.

Wild Irish Seaweed have kindly agreed to sponsor a seaweed starter pack gift set as  a raffle prize.

Instead of admission we raise money to run the festival by selling raffle tickets – instant draws and wins!

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