Azienda Agricola Silvio Brovarone

Azienda Agricola Silvio Brovarone – Farm Products from Italy (Preserves, Honey, Nuts, Rice, Wine)Azienda Agricola Brovarone at Burren Slow Food Festival

A taste of the north-west of Italy, some produce from a few farmers working in natural style: high quality jam and marmalade produced with fruit and brown sugar only, walnuts and hazelnuts from a mountain orchard, typical honey from the hills of the Biellese, the only Italian rice guaranteed by the DOP mark (protected designation of origin) and some wine produced by a small winery with ancient vines of the province.

Since 2010 the farm has been producing fruit and vegetables using eco-sustainable methods.

In addition to commercial fruit varieties, the farm works to Azienda Agricola Silvio Brovarone at Burren Slow Food Festival recover ancient varieties of Piedmontese apples and uses part of the products to make jams and preserves according to traditional recipes of our territory.

In collaboration with other farms and local artisans, we also participate in the initiatives of the local Slow Food group to Azienda Agricola Brovarone at Burren Slow Food Festival promote gastronomic culture and agricultural traditions.

Currently the farm spreads out over about nine acres of seasonal fruit and vegetable crops managed with organic farming methods (i.e. the use of natural microorganisms to strengthen and naturally protect crops from pests and diseases). Since 2015, the farm has also been producing jams and preserves.

Since its founding, the farm sought partnerships with other local farms, creating a network of cooperation with other small farmers, all operating with natural farming methods.

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Silvio and his wife have kindly agreed to sponsor a taste of their jam as a raffle prize.  Instead of admission we raise money to run the festival by selling raffle tickets – instant draws and wins!