Lieke’s Natural Way

Plants, grown chemical-free
Lieke's Natural Way at Burren Slow Food Festival

“We grow herbs and vegetable plants that have been grown chemically free and are put into pre-owned pots for people to finish off at home.

We try to encourage people to grow foods themselves  to be more self-sufficient, by making it easier for people to start. We propagate all the plants ourselves and plant them in recycled pots. We also acclimatise the plants so that they can survive in the Irish Lieke Tomato plant cropped 380pxweather. Our aim is to help people become more self-sufficient and learn how fun it is to grow your own vegetables.”

Lieke adds, “I work toward encouraging people to be more self-sufficient and grow more of their foods themselves, as well as showing the amazing variety of herbs and vegetable that are available and how much they can help the pollinators.”

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Lieke has kindly agreed to sponsor a plant as a raffle prize.

Instead of admission we raise money to run the festival by selling raffle tickets – instant draws and wins!