Cratloe Hill Sheep Cheese

Cratloe Hill Sheep Cheese at Burren Slow Food FestivalSheep Cheese from County Clare

Seán Fitzgerald and his wife Deirdre have been producing sheep cheese for a long number of years now.

Cratloe Hills Sheep’s Cheese is ideal for the health conscious discerning customer as it contains no artificial additives, flavours or preservatives. It is suitable for people with cow dairy intolerance. The very small size of the fat globules makes sheep’s cheese easily digested and converted into energy.

In the mid 1980’s Sean & Deirdre Fitzgerald, traditional dairy farmers, pioneered a new concept in the Republic – sheep dairying. They diversified into Friesland Sheep farming and the Cratloe Hill sheep cheese at the Burren Slow Food Festivalproduction of sheep’s cheese. Their cheese, Cratloe Hills Gold was the first sheep’s cheese to be produced in Ireland. In excess of 140 sheep are milked daily from Spring to Autumn.

“A specialty sheep’s cheese hand made on our family farm in Co. Clare established in 1988. It is easily digested containing mono-unsaturated fat and suitable for people with allergies.

When young it has a mild nutty flavour and as the cheese matures Cratloe Hill Sheep Cheese at Burren Slow Food Festivalthe flavour becomes more robust revealing a complexity of tastes.”

Nestled between the Cratloe Hills and the River Shannon in the West of Ireland they continue to use a traditional recipe to produce the unique taste and flavor of Cratloe Hills Sheep’s Cheese.

It has a high nutritional value. It is easy to digest, and compared to cows cheese it is higher in Calcium, Protein Zinc, Iron, Vitamin B12 , other vitamins and minerals. It is also naturally homogenised.

Seán and Deirdre recommend to pair the cheese with salads, crackers, light wine cheese board or toasted on bread or crackers. “It has a mild nutty flavour. As it matures the cheese reveals a complexity of flavours.”

Here you can learn more about their products and business.

Seán and his team have kindly agreed to sponsor one of their creations as a raffle prize.
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