Remineralising,Mark McCue Ceramics at the Burren Slow Food Festival organic toothpaste from County Clare

Toothfaerie is a zero waste toothpaste and mouthwash product which is organic, safe to consume, suitable for all ages and very soothing to all gum and tooth ailments. It is a light clay base with calcium carbonate, magnesium and extra virgin olive oil for a natural oil-pulling effect while brushing. It leaves your mouth feeling exceptionally clean and fresh.

Toothfaerie is a one woman business and is run by a Collection-Buddhabusiness woman with autism who became ill from using toxic toothpastes including so called ‘healthy’ toothpastes. And so, Toothfaerie was created out of necessity for the maker, and not as a product for the public. Now it is her pleasure to provide these products to people who need them. Handmade and homemade. Toothfaerie has saved many people’s teeth from being pulled (by allowing cavities to repair naturally) and eradicated the suffering of many people’s pain due to gum and tooth sensitivities. Advocated by Toothfaerie at the Burren Slow Food Festivalholistic dentists and health coaches nationwide.

Homemade and crafted in Ireland, Toothfaerie is like no other toothpaste you have ever tried before. The taste is light and slightly sweet, coming in six flavours. It lasts a long time and is made to be affordable to everyone, while not digressing from the most expensive and high quality ingredients in the world. All ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced.

Toothfaerie started in 2015 in Galway City and has since had a base in Belfast where it began. Now based in East Clare for 4 years, Toothfaerie Toothpaste has travelled across the country to festivals and markets to spread the word about its amazing benefits, down to each ingredient carefully selected to help everyone who uses it.

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